Space Jam e-Juice can take you there

Space Jam e-juice

In the world of vaping, there are a number of different brands selling e-juice these days, and most of them are selling the same stuff everyone else does just with a different catchy name. If you want something completely new and different though, there is one brand that is so hot it’s in orbit!

Space Jam E-Juice offers a wide range of exciting flavors in selection of nicotine levels that will make you smile. Lets take a look at some of the favorite flavors of Space Jam.

Pomegranate and Strawberry

Space Jam Andromeda is the original flavor mix that launched the Space Jam brand into orbit. A sweet and succulent Mix of Pomegranate and Blueberry that will leave you soaring to new heights of flavor.

By contrast, the crisp and mellow flavor of Space Jam Astro with its blend of Apples, peaches and strawberries is the perfect flavor combo for a nice relaxing vape that will revive your senses and reinvigorate your body.

Space Jam Galactica is perfectly ripe and uniquely sweet. The strawberry top note is accentuated with a crisp champagne note on the exhale that will leave you feeling like you are breathing pure stardust. All Three flavors are available in the 30ml bottle with an easy to use dropper for simple and quick refilling of your favorite cartridge.

For a planetary excursion that will blow your mind, try Space Jam Pluto and Space Jam Venus. Space Jam Pluto is one of the brand’s latest creations and features a sweet and crisp melon gum flavor that finished with a bright and airy flavor on the exhale. Space Jam Venus is an old favorite that has been gone for a while, but is back and better than it ever was. The decadent and delightful flavor of marshmallows roasted to a light golden brown is blended perfectly with peanut butter, caramel and cream. Both are available in the 30ml dropper bottle and of course are, as with all space jam products available in a range of nicotine content offering ranging from full 18mg to an innocent 0mg that is perfect for everyone to enjoy.

tobacco-16773_640For those who miss the old days of traditional paper smoking, when the satisfaction of natural grown and dried tobacco was one of life’s simple pleasures there is now Space Jam Eclipse. The brand’s first true tobacco flavored product, it brings back the sensation of real tobacco without the hazards and bothers of traditional smoking. The flavor is semi sweet with a back note of lightly salted cream and a crisp finish in the exhale. The closest thing to a real cigarette that can be had in a vape device to be sure.
All of the Space Jam products are offered in a range of nicotine concentrations ranging from full intensity at 18mg to a true 0mg offering. This means that Space Jam e-juice products can be a part of your gradual path to eliminating nicotine from your life, while still enjoying the pleasure of social vaping with your friends. If you have not tried Space Jam products in your cartridge go ahead and pick up a bottle and see what everyone is talking about. You can get started on your space quest here: Http://